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The Virtuous Life of a Christ-Centered Wife
Lesson Nine: A Patient Wife

Today we are looking at the virtue of patience…
or in many cases, a lack of patience.


Has anyone noticed, over the last 10 years, how fast technology is changing. As technology rapidly changes, so does human behavior in regards to patience.

We have iPads, iPhones, iPods, emails, messaging, texting, cell phones, etc.
Have I missed anything?
Oh….Yes! We have available at our finger tips… Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, DVD’s CD’s TV’s, computers, tablets….oh dear my head is spinning.

Our desires are instantaneously satisfied in the area of technology with the latest and greatest gadgets.

Though we do not utilize all of the above gadgets, I will admit we utilize most of them.

You see, my husband and I purchased “the family business” from his father. Now back in 2009, when a customer would call, I would get out my pencil and paper and take down their information. Then David would come home read the notes and return the calls in a day or two. As technology rapidly changed, so did the way we ran our business. One day a customer called; I took down his information. When my husband called him back 24 hours later, he had moved on to the next excavator. I assured Dave that “rapid technology” was changing the way people interact with each other. We noticed in a quick hurry, that the time frame for getting back to customers was shrinking with each passing year.
Dave literally….just learned how to send out emails last year. This year he’s mastered the art of replying to the emails. What I love most about my husband is that technology and it’s fast pace, has not really effected him too much. He is a simple, God fearing man, who has an abundance of patience. He saw this modeled, at a very early age, by his believing Mother.

This scripture could describe them both, quite well…

Psalm 37:7a
Be still before The Lord and wait patiently for him;

Now, as his wife, I am to some degree different then Dave in the area of patience. I do know for a fact, that when I accepted Christ’s shed blood on Calvary, as payment for my sins, the Holy Spirit in dwelt me. At the very moment of salvation, I was given the virtues of patience…in full, kindness…in full, diligence…in full etc. All of these virtues that we are discussing, I already possess…we already possess. I do not pray and ask the Lord to give me more self-control, more kindness, or more patiences. The Holy Spirit blessed me with all of patiences I will ever get, the moment I accepted Christ. He held NOTHING BACK from me. God equipped me fully to do a mighty work for Him. However, I do ask God to transform me into the woman, wife, and mother that He desires me to be. I ask that I would be a wise student, learning quickly from the situation before me, as I seek His will in all matters of “my life’s classroom.”

On occasion, I can get overwhelmed with the events of the day. One of the first warning signs, God uses in my life, is in the area of patience. I find myself REACTING to my husband, instead of RESPONDING to him in patience and love.

Darlene Schacht lists 5 ways to exercise patiences during these times:


“We all want instant gratification, and when we don’t get it we feel the burn. I don’t know if you’re anything like me, but I can feel a physical reaction when I’m exercising patience and it’s uncomfortable. Say for example I’m angry at a friend and I desperately want to vent my frustration. My heart races and my head spins. Kind of like when I can’t have the extra calories I want. It’s like an internal temperature tantrum. But what it really comes down to is that my spirit is at war with my flesh. Ride it out and it will go away. Once you’re thinking clearly, you can respond wisely.”


“Prayer is not the last resort it’s the first and most important destination of any journey that we take. Some people only go to God when they’re desperate, others are desperate to seek him every day.”

“Never under estimate the power that He holds to not only changes situation, but to create an outcome that’s beyond anything you could imagine for yourself.”

I remind myself that life is a classroom. God gives me opportunities on a daily, hourly, and moment by moment basis, to exercise the patience that already indwells me. When I fail, the Lord and my husband are always quick to forgive me, and I him.


“Pull out a journal and start writing down some of the Scriptures on patience. Look them up online or in a concordance and see where God is speaking to you.”


“This one is key, and the reason why it is because your attitude will not be dependent on the attitude of another. Don’t mirror the impatient actions of those around you. Keep your eyes on Jesus. Consider the patience and persistence that he had an strive to be like him alone.”


“You might have a split-second to ask this question, but the more you get used to asking it, the more it will come naturally to you. Ask yourself how you can glorify God in this situation and remind yourself that this life is not about you. That’s a difficult one to remember, but when we consider that everything we do is for the glory of God, attitudes change.

Over the next several days, I will be intentionally walking with a focus on the virtue of patience, while exercising kindness, diligence, self-control, trustworthiness, encouragement, purity, and love.

I am excited to hear how our Lord is transforming you as you walk in His will.

Have a wonderful day!

joan greeb