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The Virtuous Life of a Christ Centered Wife   
Lesson Six: An Encouraging Wife



Today we are discussing the wonderful virtue of encouragement.


Back in the summer of 2012, the children and I went on a week long visit to my parents. Before we left home, I gave my husband detailed instructions on watering and feeding the hanging baskets. I had many flowering pots and I knew they would parish if not watered daily. It is sweltering hot that week, and I was very concerned about my investment in the baskets. It was the beginning of summer and I could not afford to replace them.

The seven days past quickly, we returned home late one evening and all looked well. I unpacked and retired for the night. Upon rising the next morning, I grabbed a cup of coffee, and headed straight to the front porch. I was excited to see how my two, big, beautiful baskets had grown in my absence. Much to my surprise, my baskets were no longer big or beautiful. They were a site! You see, David watered most of my plants but had forgotten these. They were in a sorry state. I jumped into action…. trimming, pruning, and watering each basket. As I stared at them, I wondered if they would survive the week. They were brown, brittle, and to my human eyes they looked like a total loss.

I decided to relocate these baskets to a place heavily traveled by my family, a place where I would walk past them several times a day. These dreadful little plants, now hung in full sun near the back of the garage. Daily, I would water them, feed them, and talk to them. I would encourage them to grow, bloom, and be all that the Lord had created them to be. When I wasn’t outside, classical music would stream through the air, filling the backyard with a sweet, calming melody. As the days turned into weeks, I saw change, incredible change! The extra care, attention, and sweet, sweet music was transforming my flowers right before my eyes.

After six weeks, my baskets looked incredible!


In much the same way, our encouraging words as wives, can transform our dry and brittle marriages into something incredible. I have watched it happen in my own home.
When I take the time to trim out the nagging and prune back the complaining, unseen changes start to occur in the “root” of my being. When I water and feed my marriage, through words of encouragement or actions of “support” ….growth happens.

As days turn into weeks, and weeks into months, my voice becomes like a sweet, calming melody over my husband’s life. The dried-up and brittle marriage is gone ….. it has slowly transformed and bloomed into a healthy, lovely and flourishing relationship.


Is your marriage in a bit of a dry or brittle state?

1.) trim away nagging
2.) trim away complaining
3.) prune away overall bad attitudes

The extra care, encouragement and attention that you give your marriage today, will find it blooming and flourishing in the future.

1.) water it
2.) fed it
3.) choose for sweet, calming, and encouraging words to flow through you

I so desire for you as wives to grow, bloom and be all that the Lord has created you to be.

Let God’s Word penetrate the roots of your heart….

Choose today, to be an encouraging wife, because the Lord wants your marriage to flourish.

Blessings to you as your marriage grows through your encouraging words and deeds.

joan greeb