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These same struggles most American women can easily relate to as we age. Society covers up a lot of issues that ladies struggle with by focusing on our “OUTER beauty” or lack of it.   When we are focusing on things like clothes, weight, and of course overall beauty, we can get “caught up” in the ways of the world.  So I thought I would try a little experiment.

Below, you will see two photos of me.  To the left is “REALITY,” an untouched picture of what I actually look like, and then to the right a photo I call “Fantasy-Illusion.”  It is no surprise what a computer and the right software can do for a gal’s looks these days. In the Photo-shopped (retouched) image, I now have the following: brighter teeth, darker hair, rosier cheeks, darker- smoother skin and last but not least… NO WRINKLES!!

The Gathering 235 Reality

 As I studied both photos, my husband entered my office room.  I shared with him how different I thought I looked with ‘no wrinkles.”  He looked at the pictures and sweetly states, “Joan, They both look the same. “  You see, David loves me and sees me as “the bride of his youth.”  My Lord’s opinion and his are the two that matter in my life.

So why do we as women, wives, and mothers look for approval from the outside world?


Now, on the other hand ladies, what our Lord requires of us stands in complete opposition to this world.

Read below what the Spirit of God instructed Peter to write:


click on verse to enlarge


Paul writes under full authority of God the following:


The words in BOLD focus on what God “wants of us.”  The list is too long and extensive if we started to focus on what He “does not want of us.”  As we search out God’s Word daily His Spirit is sure to guide us in this area.

As a little farm girl back in the ’70’s, my Mama reminded me of this little old saying…



The older I get, the faster my “outer beauty” fades.

I have a choice!!

Choose with me, today to say, no to ungodliness, and worldly lusts.

Choose, at this very moment, to live in “REALITY” a life that glorifies God.


In His Service~Joan

The Gathering 235