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The twins and I just concluded this year’s “clearing out of the boy’s closet.”

You know…

getting rid of the summer things and seeing what will fit for this upcoming fall/winter season.

Joseph, 12, was going through some “emotional detachment” issues during this process. As Joseph proudly examined each T-shirt, he joyfully recalled the GOOD TIMES they spent together. Looking closely at the stains and rips that brought him such happiness, Joe bids them farewell, knowing he is not the same boy that he was in spring.

Time has a way of changing us…

physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

I can relate to Joseph.




I, myself, have a few choice pieces of clothing that I enjoy and a number of pieces that I “have enjoyed.” After 18 years of marriage, and four children, I am definitely NOT the woman I use to be.

Can you relate?

Last December 24th, the children asked me what they could buy me for Christmas? I enthusiastically responded…

A new bath towel that fits THIS BODY,

not the body I had 20 years ago.

As I laughed, pointing from my head to my toes, I realized just how fast time passes.

Change is good…

Now, I didn’t say change is easy.

Just as Joseph’s T-shirts were covered with stains and rips from his boyhood adventures, so I can parallel my life to those tattered old shirts that no longer fit.

I will be forth right here…. On my journey over the last 23 years as a Christian, I have struggled with much, therefore causing many STAINS and RIPS in my life. And much of the pain was SELF-INDUCED.

I didn’t

  • … always make the right choices…
  • … always respond with a GENTLE spirit towards others….
  • … always believe that Christ had my ABSOLUTE best interest in mind….

That being said, I now say with confidence that Jesus knew just what it took to transform me into His image. Over time, He used “life’s lessons” along with His written Word as instruments which brought about change.

Slowly, gently, lovingly…moment by moment He changed me; from an attitude that

does not FIT,

to one that earnestly desires His will. Frankly, the natural man has ABSOLUTELY NO interest in God’s will. When I am not seeking His Word and open communication with Christ…that’s when the OLD SIN NATURE shows up on the scene.

Let me give a few examples of certain “MINDSETS” that “DO NOT FIT” in the life of a Godly woman who professes to be a FOLLOWER of Christ.

  • It is OK not to read the Bible because…. I am super busy with the kids, the house and work. I just don’t have the time. 

 Doesn’t fit…get rid of this mindset. 

  • When someone enters my life that I may or may not be familiar with, it is perfectly fine for me to be blunt with them if they are living a life that I object to.                                   

Doesn’t fit…get rid of this mindset.


  • It is OK to go against the authority of my husband simply because I sense God is telling me something completely opposite of my husband’s direction. (Your husband is not asking you to sin here.)

Doesn’t fit….get rid of this mindset.


  • When asking my husband to make a decision on a matter…it is perfectly fine to gently guide him toward the decision “I WANT,” simply by using my “feminine wiles.” 

Doesn’t fit….get rid of this mindset.

Now, do I personally have these mindsets mastered? hmmm, not all. But, this is what I do have. I have a daily awareness of Who paid the price for the STAINS or RIPS in my life. I do understand that as I PUT ON Christ daily, these behaviors no longer FIT with who I desire to be.

I praise God that He NEVER changes, and that each day is new along with HIS mercies to you and me!!

Thank you, God, for the simple pleasures of cool autumn days, old tattered T-shirts, fond memories and overall growth as a woman. I am so glad that I am not the same person I was yesterday.

Growth takes place a little at a time.

In His Service,